David, I wanted to get you a Christmas present that I knew you would always cherish.  You love The Wickersham Ranch, the great outdoors and spending time at the cabin so much, I felt this was a gift you could share with the whole wide world. Hence the site name.

old_cabin_web.gif (64682 bytes)As an introduction to this web site, I want all visitors to know the features this site has to offers.  The Wickersham Ranch has an incredible history and several controversial stories of interest.  There are a couple of these articles included under the history link.

RANCH OWNERS:  Please follow the link Ranch Owners for current newsletters, meeting schedules, feedback forms and results.  I have set the Ranch Owner's page up as a "web site within a web site".  Use the links within the page to navigate around for owner's information.

David  usually brings pictures of The Ranch with him where ever he goes.  I've managed to sneak his photo album and scan some of our favorite pictures from where we spend most of our time and weekends.  There are photo links for these pages.

If you've ever been to The Wickersham Ranch, you know it's not the easiest place to find.  Originally located on 6,196 acres, and now subdivided into 38 parcels, David's 120+ acres are tucked away in the latent Sonoma County Hills covered with beautiful trees, vineyards, and wild animals (including big game, cats and wild pigs).

Also included in this site is a locations link to give you an approximate idea of where it's located; with a road map, a parcel map as well as a topo map. This site will be added to and updated on a periodic basis.  Should anyone have a special photo or two to share or an interesting story or article, please email it to me and I'll post it on this site, complete with credits.

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Site History:
This web site was written, created and published by Tami Bobb
exclusively for David Otero for Christmas 1999.

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