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On May 20, 2000, The Second Wickersham Owner's meeting took place.  Though not as large as a turn out as the first meeting, there were still many owners in attendance.  The meeting focused primarily on the condition of the road and the current money situation.  Guest speaker was invited in to share his experiences and knowledge of applying for Grant Money to fix and repair the road and bring it Water Quality Standards.  This feasibility is being looked into in more detail by volunteers, David Otero, Rusty Klausen and Joe White.  Anybody with any suggestions or input are greatly encouraged to share any and all ideas with these gentlemen. 

On February 12, 2000, The Wickersham Owner's Meeting took place at the Hermann Sons Hall in Petaluma.  The meeting produced extremely positive results and dialogue.  Many topics were discussed ranging from the current condition of the road to future maintenance/improvements of the road, vineyard and logging assessments and overall general concerns about the ranch's future.

Discussed and decided upon by the owner's that attended are to have an interim steering committee that will facilitate concerns and feedback of all the owners.  This committee is for facilitating purposes only and does not and will not have the authority to vote on any proposed issues and ideas.

Also discussed was posting and distributing owner's names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses amongst all.  This website will create a page within the next month to post those said names for everyone to have access to.  Please email the webmaster below for the personal information that you'd like attached to this site, i.e., name, parcel number, email, address and/or phone number.

The most important fact that was unanimously agreed upon at this meeting was that we all encourage communication amongst all and thy fellow neighbor.  Please use this web site for those positive reasons.

The first steering commission meeting and ranch owner meeting schedule is: time and place.

The most recent newsletter will be posted on this site as well.  All newsletters will be posted within one week of receipt of file from the newsletter author.