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Fire 2003

~ Photos Around the Cabin : Click to Enlarge ~

Wagon Wheel

Tractor Crossing

Grumpy Face
Grandma & Grandpa 2009
Grandma & Grandpa

August 22, 2012

August 22, 2012

August 22, 2012

Cabin from the Upper Meadow
May 2016

Meadow May 2009
Meadow May 2009

Blonde Pig Blonde Pig May 2009

May 2016

May 2016

May 2016
david_chap_windy.jpg (68093 bytes) Chap Upper Meadow DO Chap

The Chapparel 2001

Chaparel Mary Dresser

Moss Rock 2

Moss Rock 1
The Chapparel as seen from the cabin
(Mary Dresser 2002)
Moss rock in winter 2001
Meadow View Original Barn from Sunset Trail Cabin from Sunset Trail
View from the deck Views of cabin / barn from the Sunset Trail
Upper Meadow Moon taken Mary Dresser Fall Colors

Upper Meadow 

Full moon as seen from from the Deck
(Mary Dresser 2002)
Fall colors in the meadow
Pond Dock Apple Orchard
The Pond Apple orchard
Rescue Turtle Rescue Turtle Rescue Turtle
New addition to the pond - 2002- "Happy Hooker" - a Sonoma County Wildlife Release after a fishing hook was removed from under her shell
Birthday Bird Bath Front Road MaPig
Birthday Gift 2001 Front Road Upclose!
~ Neighboring Properties ~
Old Barn Snow The classic old sheep barn Old Barn
Ranch in Fog Heinz Moser Ranch in Fog Heinz Moser Ranch in Fog Heinz Moser
The Moser's property (compliments of Heinz Moser)

Jon Carrol's Cabin in Winter

(compliments of Alex Viramontes)

Vineyard in the Winter