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Fire 2003

On September 2,2003 at 8:00 am a lightening strike hit the large fir tree next to the old barn and caught fire.  California Dept. of Forestry was called and at the Wickersham Ranch within 2.5 hours via the Baxter Ranch (thank you Barbara for allowing the quick access through  your ranch and leading them to the fire).  There were 3 fires at the Wickersham Ranch, one at the barn and two at the Bealls, and at least 3 at the adjoining Baxter Ranch.  In the event of an emergency the GPS coordinates to the Wickersham Ranch cabin are: N38 43.922 and W12311.927.

We all thank those who helped keep the tree at the old barn from spreading to any structure or any other trees.  Doug Porter was the first to start extinguishing the fire followed by Art and Fedalina Veramontes and their workers and David Milbrath.  Also like to thank Doug and Annie Porter for sharing these pictures.

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