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Wickersham Owner Meeting:
May 20, 2000
12:30 p.m.
Hermann Sons Hall, Petaluma (same place as last meeting)
Enter the building using the Webster Street entrance.
Meeting Upstairs

Steering Committee Meeting:

Alice Anderson
Nancy Rush
Karen Eggerman
Martin Drilling
Doug Boyle
Joe White

2nd meeting & place for the steering committee:

Rush Residence
March 4, 2000
10:00 a.m.

Results from 1st Meeting (Saturday, Feb. 26, 2000):
"Hi Everyone!
We just finished our first meeting! Nancy and Karen and Joe were in attendance. It lasted a little more than 2 hours. We really feel that we have to have at least one meeting of the 6 of us face to face, then maybe can work independently, and communicate via a chat room, or whatever.

So then next meeting is set for next Saturday, March 4th at 10am at Nancy's home. Please let Nancy know if you cannot attend, otherwise see you all then!

Take care everyone!
Nancy Rush"

Results from 2nd Meeting (March 4, 2000)
"Our last meeting was only Doug & me for the first hour, and then Alice 
came... We discussed what will be covered in the next owners meeting.

The questionnaire we sent out told everyone that the next owners 
meeting will be held at Hermann Sons Hall on Saturday, May 20th, at 12:30. The hall is on the corner of Western & Webster Streets in Petaluma. It's important that you mention that everyone should enter the building using the Webster Street entrance, and that this time the meeting is upstairs. And of course encourage everyone to attend!!

We will report on the results of the questionnaire, and hope to have 
folks volunteer for the various committees that we feel need to be 
established to handle the "concerns" of the various owners...

...Have a great weekend,

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