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Wickersham Road News
January 10, 2001

Results of the Voting

Road Directors
The new Wickersham Road Committee directors are Martin Dreilling, Diane Porter and Dave Schaefer. Earl Farnsworth will be the alternate.

Thanks to outgoing director Peter Beall who has served for the last four years and to Kent Donaghy who has served for the last two years.

The old directors (by tenure not age) and the new directors will be having a transition meeting within the next 2 to 4 weeks.

In the meantime, if you haven’t sent in your $300 road dues, please do so c/o John Jones, 3510 Unocal Place, Suite 300, Santa Rosa, California 95403.

Gate Issues
Ballot #1 – which sought to close the front gate only and change the lock combo every three months was voted down with 8 yes votes and 10 no votes. Therefore: 

Both gates should be closed and locked.


Ballot #2 – which assesses a fine of $250 for not closing the gate(s) and a fine of $500 for stealing a lock passed with 11 yes votes and 6 no votes.