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Wickersham Road News
July 16, 2009

Greetings - This issue:

  • Thanks
  • Road Committee Elections
  • Road Condition Update
  • Recent Road Work
  • Road Work Outlook / Bridge

Gate Combo Change

The gate combo will change on:

Sunday July 26, 2009
The new combo will be:
Front Gate: ****
Big Iron Gate: ****

Belated Thanks

Thanks to Rob Weinstock for tending to the road during the last winter storms.

Thanks to Dave Otero for doing some tree trimming and for the upkeep of his section of road.

Thanks to various people for removing trees from the road during the last few storms of winter. If anyone is aware of other neighborly deeds that they would like mentioned, please let us know.

Lost and Found

One of our owner's lost a set of keys either at the Big Iron Gate or along the road. If anyone has found a set of keys please contact Carol 650.696.1200. Thanks.

Road Committee Election for 2009 - 2010

As everyone has likely noticed, no nominations were received for new Road Committee members. As has occurred in the past, this results in the current Committee continuing to serve for another two years.

Thus the current road committee includes:

David Katz: Parcel 25.
Rob Weinstock; Parcel 30
Martin Dreiling; Parcel 8, 9

Should any Owner take exception to this outcome, please advise us of your concerns immediately and we will prepare a formal ballot for consideration.

However if there is general consensus, this will save the Association a small amount of money and reduce the time burden on Carol.

Road Condition Update

As all can see, the condition of the Wickersham Ranch Road appears to be very good. This is partly due to another light winter and limited, gentle rainfall. However, 17 inches were recorded in the last series of storms and the road performed very well.

In general much of the road surface drains to the sides as a result of the out sloping and structural adjustments we have made over the last eight years.

Areas that still show pot holes and rutting include sections that have not yet been adjusted.

Please note that sections of Silva Ranch where outslopes were not included show some of the most severe potholing this season.

There are several incidental issues with minor slips from above, several ditch blockages that cause water top cross the road and several head cuts that are stable but will require attention during the next work cycle.

There is a hole emerging at the large culvert at mile 6.88. This is a culvert that was improperly constructed of two different size pipes with no transition and we advised several years ago that it was likely to fail in the near future. This was also part of the grant application. Should this hole get worse we may need to take action on this culver this year.

In general the road surface has held well except for the usual sections of bad material near the bridge and prior to the Big Iron Gate.

Recent Road Work

Some minor grading was performed along the first half mile of road in February. This work was NOT done by the Road Association but was work performed by the owners of the front ranch to improve access to their property.

At the end of winter rock was applied to the section of road from the Tombs Creek Bridge to the bottom of Snot Hill. This section has been problematic for several years as the material is extremely slippery when wet. We chose to use rock from the main pit at Mile 10 as this rock historically has been the most dependable for long term surface stability. While transport costs are higher, we have no access to rock of equal quality closer to this site.

The current surface remains rough as is expected with fresh, hard rock. After we get moisture this fall we will put the finishing touches ont hat section and expect little or no maintenance there for at least four years.

Currently we are rocking the section just outside the Big Iron Gate. This is also a section that gets very slick during a storm. We are also using rock from the high pit. This section will also be fine tuned once we get the first rain in winter.

Hopefully these tow section will eliminate the worst problems with slickness during rain. We still advise all Owners and guest to avoid using the road during and immediately after rain, as this is when the road is most vulnerable to damaged caused by use.


Ranch Mailbox wranch@dtbarch.com

Ranch Website "http://www.wickershamranch.com"

Thanks to Tami Bobb for her efforts in sharing space on her personal ranch site for our benefit.