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Wickersham Road News
July 7, 2008


  • Thanks
  • 2008 Occasionally Annual Owners Meeting and BBQ
  • Gate Combo Change
  • Regular road use reminder


Thanks to Dave Otero for his assistance with the summer portion of this year's road work. Dave has provided logistic support as well as labor and equipment to our regular vendor and continues to grade and maintain portions of the ridge road.

And thanks to all Owners who regularly pick up garbage, remove rocks, clear downed trees and assist with numerous other invisible tasks that help keep the road functional.

Occasionally Annual Ranch Owner's Meeting and BBQ

Saturday, August 16 1:30 PM The Otero Ranch (the original ranch compound across from the barn.)

All Owners' and their families are invited to Dave Otero's Ranch for the 2008 Ranch Owners meeting and BBQ. With no big issues this year this is a chance to get together and meet new owners, catch up and talk generally about the Road and the Neighborhood. BBQ is semi-pot luck. Details will be coordinated during August.


  • Introductions and refreshing beverages
  • Overview of Road History / Policies for new Owners
  • Guest Speakers
  • Overview of Current Maintenance Strategy
  • Bridge Replacement Strategy
  • Comments / Suggestions / Q / A
  • Pot Luck BBQ and more refreshing beverages
  • Increasingly heated debates

Plan B:
If the day is hot and still we may move the location to Martin Dreiling's Camp (Parcel 8) as it is cooler there in the summer. If this is the case, we will try to let all the RSVP's know by Friday night. We will also post a sign at Dave's gate.

Please RSVP to Carol at: ct@dtbarch.com Or (650) 696-1200 We will coordinate food and beverage with those planning to attend as the date approaches.

Gate Combo Change

The gate combo will change on: Sunday August 3, 2008 The new combo will be: ************

  Regular Road Use Reminder

The following is the regular reminder about use of the Road. Please share this with all guests and vendors.

  • Always lock the gate; regardless of whether it was unlocked when you got there.
  • Make sure the combo is NOT left on the lock or the lock will not lock. Spin the numbers before locking and test the lock to make sure it is locked.
  • If you wish to leave the gate open for a car that may be following, please wait at the gate while it is open.
  • Please pick up litter and debris that does not belong on the road. If you are at the Front Gate and see litter, please assist in picking it up for removal. This makes the Front Gate more attractive for all users.
  • Please remove rocks or trees that have fallen onto the road. (If you remove a large tree or perform other substantial work in keeping the road open, please advise the Committee so we can say thanks.)
  • Please get permission from the owners of the front ranch to park cars inside the front gate. Contact: Dean and Kelly Falkenberg (707) 431-1517 dktfalken@aol.com
  • Please park between the front gate and the second green-post and chain fence. This way the Owner can tell that you are a guest and not a trespasser.
  • Please drive slowly and carefully.
  • Guests:
  • Please advise guests that they are traveling over private property and that they should respect the privilege to do so. It is not appropriate to stop for sightseeing or personal relief on other's property.
  • Please advise your guests regarding Road Etiquette including basic driving methods for rural roads and basic courtesies.
  • Please ask guests to say Hello and readily identify themselves and who they are visiting when meeting someone on the road. (It's always nice when I encounter a stranger on the road and they tell me who they are without me having to ask.)
  • Please advise all of your guests regarding the importance of locking the gate. It is your responsibility to ensure that your guests understand how to operate the gate.
  • Please advise guests not to litter the area around the gates. (I pick up trash there almost every time I enter. This is not road trash but it came from people using the gate.)
  • Please advise guests to assist with Road maintenance by removing rocks or trees that are in the path of travel should they encounter them.


Ranch Mailbox wranch@dtbarch.com

Ranch Website "http://www.wickershamranch.com"

Thanks to Tami Bobb for her efforts in sharing space on her personal ranch site for our benefit.